Brubeck currently supports Jinja2, Tornado, Mako or Pystache templates.

Template support is contained in brubeck.templates as rendering handlers. Each handler will attach a render_template function to your handler and overwrite the default render_error to produce templated errors messages.

Using a template system is then as easy as calling render_template with the template filename and some context, just like you're used to.

Jinja2 Example

Using Jinja2 template looks like this.

from brubeck.templating import Jinja2Rendering

class DemoHandler(WebMessageHandler, Jinja2Rendering):
    def get(self):
        context = {
            'name': 'J2D2',
        return self.render_template('success.html', **context)

The corresponding HTML looks like this:

    <title>Jinja2 Render</title>
    <p>Take five, {{ name }}!</p>

Template Loading

In addition to using a rendering handler, you need to provide the path to your templates.

That looks like this:

from brubeck.templating import load_jinja2_env

config = {

Using a function here keeps the config lightweight and flexible. template_loader needs to be some function that returns an environment.


Is your favorite template system not in this list? Please take a look at the other implementations. It's probably easy to add support.